Monday, January 19, 2009

As our nation's new First Lady, Michelle Obama brings to the White House many of the characteristics that we remember best about previous First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy - elegance, intelligence and an admirable dedication to her children. Not only has Michelle Obama been previously voted as one of our nation's best-dressed women, but she is a graduate of Harvard Law School and previously had a successful career as a lawyer. In fact, she met Barack Obama when she was an attorney with the Chicago law firm of Sidney Austin and she assigned to be his mentor when he was a summer associate with the firm. In many ways, her becoming First Lady is as historical as Barack Obama becoming President, with Michelle Obama becoming the first "First Lady" to be an African-American and a descendant of slaves. As such, she is to be admired both for her own outstanding accomplishments as well as for the symbolism she brings to the White House of changing values to support the inclusion of all Americans in the dream of America being a country of opportunity for individuals.